Formula 1 Aramco Grosser Preis Der Eifel 2020
Team Reaktionen
Presseberichte vom Rennen
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
Schnellste Runde: 1:28.145
Es fällt mir schwer, die Bedeutung dieses Rekords für mich in Worte zu fassen. Ich erinnere mich daran, wie Michael all diese Rennen gewonnen hat, als ich ein Kind war und mit meinem Bruder zusammen Rennspiele gespielt habe, in denen ich als Michael angetreten bin. Ich habe damals davon geträumt, selbst eines Tages dabei zu sein, aber niemand und ganz sicher nicht ich selbst hätten gedacht, dass ein anderer Fahrer jemals auch nur ansatzweise an Michaels Bestmarken herankommen würde. Noch nicht einmal in meinen kühnsten Träumen hätte ich gedacht, dass ich die Anzahl seiner Rennsiege erreichen würde, aber das zeigt, dass Träume wahrwerden können. Es ist eine unglaubliche Ehre und es wird eine Weile dauern, bis ich es verarbeitet habe. Aber ich hätte es niemals ohne dieses fantastische Team schaffen können. Jeder gibt alles und lässt niemals nach. Vielen Dank an jeden Einzelnen Zuhause in den Werken. Gleichzeitig habe ich einen enormen Respekt vor Michael und bin heute unheimlich dankbar. Mit Blick auf das Rennen muss ich sagen, dass es hart war. Ich hatte einen guten Start und Valtteri hat sich in Kurve zwei stark verteidigt. Ich hatte nichts anderes von ihm erwartet. Danach ging es darum, herauszufinden, wie ich Valtteri schlagen konnte. Ich musste genau auf meine Reifen achten und sicherstellen, dass ich an ihm dranblieb. Ich konnte erkennen, dass er ein wenig zu kämpfen hatte und wusste, dass meine Chance kommen würde. Aber dann verbremste er sich. Danach konnte ich einen guten Vorsprung herausfahren, aber das Safety Car brachte das Feld wieder zusammen. Max war direkt hinter mir und ich wusste, dass ich einen starken Re-Start brauchte, um ihn hinter mir zu halten. Es ist mir gelungen, ihn abzuhängen - das ist immer schön und gab mir den nötigen Vorsprung, den ich brauchte. Aber jeder konnte die Pace sehen, die Red Bull gegen Ende hatte. Uns erwartet ein echter Kampf.
Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)
Schnellste Runde: 1:28.139
"Overall it was a positive weekend and I think we can be very pleased with another second place. I tried to keep as close as possible to Lewis during the race and we just didn’t quite have the pace to fight him but overall I was pleased with the performance. We have taken a step forward with the car this weekend, so I am of course happy with that, but we still need to improve and we will keep pushing so we can take the fight to Mercedes every weekend. The Safety Car re-start was not easy with the cold temperatures and the tyres, especially with the others behind having a bit of a temperature advantage after catching up to us, but I managed to keep them behind and pull away again with Lewis. I’m of course also happy with the point for the fastest lap which was an extra bonus. It’s also good to see Daniel back on the podium, he is a great driver and he really deserves it."
Daniel Ricciardo (Renault F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:29.584
“Oh wow, it feels like the first time I ever got a podium. These emotions and that feeling you get when you get out the car, hug the team, the mechanics slapping you on the helmet, it’s just amazing and I am so happy we did it! It’s obviously my first one with Renault and it’s something I wanted to achieve when I set out on this journey with the team. It’s been two and a half years since I’ve been in this press conference too, so it’s been a while for me. I felt like it was coming with our performances in recent races, so I am so happy to have done it. The race itself was pretty tight and there was some discussion on whether to pit for a second stop or not, but we had the luxury of track position. The Safety Car then gave us an advantage, so we made that call and, in the end, it was the right one. What a day!”
Sergio Pérez (Racing Point)
Schnellste Runde: 1:29.700
“I’m a little bit frustrated because I felt the podium was ours if we didn’t have the safety car. Until that point, I was catching Daniel [Ricciardo] and he was on older tyres – so it was set up for a close battle for the podium in the final laps. Once again, the first stint was crucial to our result. We made a good start and gained a place, and we were able to manage the tyres to run longer, so we had an advantage for the second stint. After the safety car, I was able to pressure Daniel and I almost got him into Turn 4 but I wasn’t able to make it stick. To finish P4 is a strong result and the team did a great job to go into a race full of unknowns and read the conditions so well. I’m pleased to see Nico score points as well and we’ve ended up turning what could have been a really difficult day into a strong result. The car is performing well and we can be proud of our recovery today. I’m going to catch up with Lance on the phone later and we’re looking forward to him returning.”
Carlos Sainz Jr. (McLaren F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.129
“It’s been a challenging weekend for us. We have to be fairly happy with P5 and those 10 important points. I managed to be consistent on track and took advantage of the opportunities. However, our main competitors finished ahead and seemed to have better pace throughout the race. I never felt completely comfortable with the car, so we need to make sure we understand better the new parts. There are an important couple of weeks coming up to analyse what we do for the future and how we go into Portugal. Sorry for Lando today, it seemed to be the same issue as in Spa. We move on.”
Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.110
“I’m really happy today because yesterday was pretty difficult for us. I didn’t feel so good with the car as we didn’t manage to get the balance where we wanted. We know that on Sundays we usually have a bit more pace to fight and be in the mix for points, and today it was good fun. I had a lot of battles on track – attacking, defending…all sorts of situations and I must say I really enjoyed it out there! The team took all the right decisions in the right moments, so I think we can all be very pleased with sixth position today.”
Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.712
“Seventh is the best we could do today. On the soft tyres at the beginning we struggled massively, which compromised our race. We had a lot of graining so we were very slow and lost several positions. So we went for a two-stop strategy, which I believe was the right thing to do. On the medium tyre it went quite well and we did some good overtaking which is always fun. It was very tricky after the safety car period towards the end of the race, because I had to do the re-start on old tyres and it was very cold, but I think we managed pretty well. I am happy with the overall improvement we have seen in recent weeks. We are not yet where we want to be, but every small step is going in the right direction and this is what we need.”
Nico Hülkenberg (Racing Point)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.733
“What a race and a story that was! I really didn’t think we could go from last to eighth – I’m not sure many thought it would be possible before the race! A lot of things happened around us and some retirements helped too, but I’m really pleased with our performance and it’s a real credit to the team. I went out there with the goal of driving as hard as I could and avoiding any incidents, and we managed it well. It felt strange at the start as I’ve not raced around a lot of cars like that for a while, but I made up a couple of places and I started to get into a good rhythm halfway through the first stint, which was crucial because we were able to extend it and it helped me get up to speed. I’m feeling it now: it’s a very bumpy track and I’m a bit sore because it was mentally and physically demanding out there. I’m very happy with the result and it was great to play a part in the team moving up into P3 in the Constructors’ Championship. Obviously, there’s still a long way to go in the season, but I wish the team all the best in the coming races.”
Romain Grosjean (Haas F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:31.562
“It feels good – finally. We’ve been doing a good job in the last few races but things haven’t gone our way. I said yesterday that the unexpected was the best we could get. Obviously, we did a different strategy on tires – it was very difficult at the beginning. For us, we have to take risks, if we follow regular strategy we don’t have the raw pace to be up there sadly. We managed to hold on though and go for one stop in the race. It wasn’t really good news for me when the safety car came, but we managed to get some temperature back into the tires and hold on to P9. That was good news. It was a question of time before we got a good result, but I’ve known we’ve been doing a good job.”
Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.909
“I am very happy with today’s performances, both mine and the car’s. We did a very good race, keeping good pace from start to finish. We knew everything was going to be possible on such a day and that we could fight in these circumstances, so I am happy to bring home a point. I had another great start, making up a few places, then we managed the tricky conditions pretty well. I think we could and should have finished a bit higher, in P8, but the last Safety Car really hurt us as we lost places to Hulkenberg and Grosjean. In the end, though, finishing in the top ten was the target and we did it. It’s a good confidence boost ahead of the next few races.”
Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.408
“I would have liked to bring home some points, but generally, I was struggling too much with the tyres. I think the start wasn’t bad. I was on the Medium compound and only lost one place to Giovinazzi in the Alfa Romeo. However once my tyres were in the right temperature window I was stuck behind him and I was struggling a lot to pass him. I probably took too much of a risk and damaged my tyres. I was obliged to pit and after that it was very difficult to fight back. With the Safety Car at the end we thought there was a chance for points, we fought with Magnussen and I also tried to pass Giovinazzi. In the end we just weren’t able to pick up the last point. It was a very difficult day.”
Kimi Räikkönen (Alfa Romeo)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.512
“It wasn’t the greatest weekend, but after yesterday we knew we’d have a difficult job on our hands. The start of the race was ok, but then I had to avoid some cars ahead of me and I lost a lot of places. We could have been a bit ahead but the Safety Car cost us a few position and the end result wasn’t great. It was a frustrating weekend, but we have to leave it behind us and try again next time.”
Kevin Magnussen (Haas F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:30.456
“Today was one of those races that gave some opportunities, so missing out on that was disappointing. We were on the wrong strategy, but there was no way to know that before the race. We chose the strategy that we thought was going to give us the best chance – but then the race just didn’t really come our way. I had some early front wing damage as well, so all-in-all it just really wasn’t my day – that’s racing.”
Nicholas Latifi (Williams)
Schnellste Runde: 1:31.377
It was a challenging race today and I was pushing as hard as I could. I can’t pinpoint why exactly, we were just lacking overall pace, especially compared to the Haas and the Alfa. We were put in a good position after the safety car, but we had faster cars on new qualifying tyres behind us. I had some fun battles with Daniil (Kyvat), I think for the last five or six laps I was defending into turn one, battling through one, two and three, so it was fun to have that fight. We will have to go away and analyse to see why we were lacking pace this weekend.
Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri)
Schnellste Runde: 1:32.214
“Not a good one today, my race was pretty much ruined from the moment I had contact with Albon. I don’t know what he wanted to do but as a result, I lost my front wing and the car was massively damaged on the floor and brake ducts. I lost so much time doing that slow lap to the pits without a front wing, then the pit stop was obviously slow to replace it, so there wasn’t much I could do afterwards. The car was missing a lot of downforce, so I struggled for the rest of the race. I was just hoping for some rain or something to happen to be able to catch up, but nothing happened. It’s a shame because until that incident with Albon it really looked like it could have been a very strong race, I think we could have done well today.”
Lando Norris (McLaren F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:32.328
“Initially we had a good start. Our strategy and pit-stop meant we had a decent first stint that put us in a strong position. Then obviously we had the power unit problem before the pit-stop, which was costing us a lot of time every lap. I was just dropping further and further away from a potential P4, and what looked like fighting for a podium. We could’ve scored some good points today and we haven’t. Thanks to everyone in the team for all their hard work and effort this weekend. It’s a shame – but on to the next one.”
Alexander Albon (Red Bull Racing)
Schnellste Runde: 1:32.330
“The pace in the car was good today so it’s a shame to have a result like this and not see where we could have finished the race. I had a lock-up avoiding contact on the first lap which meant I had to pit really early because I had severe vibrations from a flat spot on the tyre. I don’t really know what happened with Daniil and I need to watch it back. I think he may have run a little wide into the chicane when we did the re-start and I guess it was a bit of misjudgment from my side. After that, the Team saw the temperatures rising and I was asked to box and then retire the car. It initially looked like a power unit issue from the data but the Team investigated and found that some debris had pierced the radiator system which led to the rising temperatures. It is definitely not the way I wanted to end the weekend as the car felt good, but onwards and upwards and I’m looking forward to Portimao in a few weeks’ time.”
Esteban Ocon (Renault F1 Team)
Schnellste Runde: 1:33.189
“It’s a fantastic team result today and congratulations to Daniel and the team for the superb podium. It’s a massive result for the Constructors’ Championship – that’s the most important thing – and it also underlines the team’s progression this season. On my side, it was looking decent to be honest and we were definitely in line for a top five finish. I did not have the best start but on the first stint, I was managing the tyre quite well and we were in a good place. I basically lost steering, brakes and gears and it’s a hydraulic issue, which we’ll investigate. It’s a shame, but we’ll come back from it and we look forward to the next race.”
Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
Schnellste Runde: 1:31.884
Das war ein enttäuschendes Ende für dieses Rennen. Bis mein Auto während der virtuellen Safety-Car-Phase begann, an Leistung zu verlieren, hat es richtig viel Spaß gemacht. Der Start und das Duell mit Lewis in den ersten Kurven waren super. Ich wollte es ihm nicht einfach machen. Später habe ich mich in Kurve eins verbremst und die Position verloren, deshalb musste ich früher an die Box gehen. Die neuen Reifen fühlten sich aber gut an und ich hoffte, dass mir vielleicht ein Undercut gelingen könnte. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war noch alles drin. Aber dann verlor ich sehr viel Leistung, weil irgendetwas mit der Power Unit nicht mehr stimmte. Das müssen wir uns jetzt genau ansehen, aber das war wirklich Pech. Ich bin noch ein paar Runden weitergefahren, um zu sehen, ob sich das Problem beheben ließ, aber ich konnte nichts dagegen unternehmen.
George Russell (Williams)
Schnellste Runde: 1:34.526
It was a very frustrating way to finish the Eifel Grand Prix. I was racing with Sebastian (Vettel), and Kimi (Raikkonen) was close behind. I overtook Sebastian in the corner before, but he got the DRS to re-pass me. Kimi was close behind fighting with us, he made the mistake, lost the car and crashed into me which damaged the car and gave us a puncture. There was too much damage to bring it home and we had to retire the car, but that’s just racing sometimes.