Silverstone Circuit
Team Reaktionen
Presseberichte vom Freitag
Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo F1 Team)
Position T1: 1 (1:42.249)
Position T2: 11 (1:30.000)
It hasn’t been a bad day: the first session wasn’t that useful, with half the track dry and the other half wet, but we were able to do plenty of laps in FP2, as many as anyone else, and try some high-fuel runs. It’s clear that the midfield is very tight once again; a couple of tenths more or less can mean a shift of a lot of places. We’ll need to make a good improvement tonight but I think we can look forward to qualifying. There’s still a bit to do to balance the car, especially in the high-speed corners, but I am confident we can make a step forward.
Esteban Ocon (Alpine F1 Team)
Position T1: 13 ()
Position T2: 13 (1:30.238)
It’s always a pleasure to drive around this iconic track in front of so many passionate fans who were cheering us on all day. On our side, we had very limited running in FP1 due to the weather, so it was nice to get some more laps in the afternoon session. We did, however, spot a small crack in the bodywork towards the end of second practice and we preferred to play it safe and not push too hard at the end. We arrived this weekend with a few upgrades on the car, so it was key for us to see how the car performed today. I would like to thank everyone again at the factory who worked so hard to get these upgrades ready for our home race. Preliminary data suggests they are working well, and we are looking forward to hopefully extracting more performance tomorrow.
Fernando Alonso (Alpine F1 Team)
Position T1: 14 ()
Position T2: 6 (1:29.695)
It was very difficult for everyone today with the wet session in FP1, which limited any meaningful running. We only had FP2 to complete any proper driving and I think we have some further evaluations to make on our package here at Silverstone. We would love to have more hours on-track but it’s the same for everyone! We’ll need to do some extra work tonight, so that we can be in the best position possible for tomorrow’s final practice and Qualifying.
Carlos Sainz Jr. (Ferrari)
Position T1: 3 (1:42.967)
Position T2: 1 (1:28.942)
A busy second session after the lack of running in FP1. We had to put together an intense run plan for FP2 to properly check both the short run and the long run pace.
It was quite a challenging session. The wind made it tricky to get the right balance for the high-speed sections and the correct compromise for tyres in the low-speed ones. Overall we were quick, but it felt like there is margin to improve.
Qualifying tomorrow could get interesting due to the weather, so those few laps in wet conditions in FP1 were also useful. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.
Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
Position T1: 4 (1:43.801)
Position T2: 5 (1:29.404)
We didn’t run much in FP1 today, but we did a few laps in wet conditions to have some data should there be a wet qualifying tomorrow. Once the rain stopped, we put on a set of Soft tyres but we weren’t able to complete any laps on them due to a red flag.
FP2 was a bit cleaner and I could tell that our performance felt good in the car. I am confident that we will be competitive and it will be a matter of putting everything together.
Kevin Magnussen (Haas F1 Team)
Position T1: 7 (1:48.161)
Position T2: 17 (1:30.480)
It’s always hard to read into competitiveness and positions after these practice sessions. FP2 was basically our FP1 because the real FP1 was wet, with one installation lap. I’m still optimistic, it’s very tight so it won’t take a big improvement to go many places up the order. I’m really optimistic and looking forward to tomorrow – let’s see what the weather does.
Mick Schumacher (Haas F1 Team)
Position T1: 5 (1:43.895)
Position T2: 19 (1:30.609)
It wasn’t quite as easy as we imagined it would be – some teams have brought a few upgrades – but we’ll see in qualifying. We know what we have to do, we have a clear direction in terms of set-up and there was a lot of lap time left in my lap around Turn 15, so there’s still more to come and we still have stuff to unlock on our side.
Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo F1 Team)
Position T1: 6 (1:46.171)
Position T2: 15 (1:30.271)
It’s been quite a smooth Friday overall. We couldn’t learn much during FP1 due to the weather: driving out there was quite tricky and it was challenging to find the right balance, so FP2 was the first clean session of the day. I can consider myself happy, the field is super close again, as we expected, and the car seems to be working much better, with just a few things that we need to adjust for tomorrow. Having the complete package of updates for the whole weekend is always good, especially for rookies like me, so I’m looking forward to getting into more action tomorrow and improving even more ahead of qualifying.
Lando Norris (McLaren F1 Team)
Position T1: 18 ()
Position T2: 3 (1:29.118)
A decent day, very tricky in the wind conditions we have here. It’s strong gusts at high speed, so the car is difficult to drive. Changing every lap, it’s inconsistent. But it’s the same for everyone. From our side I think the car’s performing in a reasonable area, little bit better than maybe we were expecting, so hopefully that can continue into tomorrow. We can make a couple of changes and small improvements in a few areas and continue the pace we had today into tomorrow.
Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren F1 Team)
Position T1: 16 ()
Position T2: 9 (1:29.902)
This morning wasn’t busy, just because of the weather, so didn’t have much running. But then the afternoon session was better, and we got a lot of laps. Initially on the Hards it started well in terms of feel, and we got up to pace pretty well with that, however we struggled with the Softs quite a bit. To be in the top 10 is positive, and looking where Lando is, is also positive. So, I think there’s certainly a lot more to get out of the car. I think we’re in a decent place, we’ll learn a bit from both cars, make a few little different set-up changes and have fun tomorrow.
George Russell (Mercedes)
Position T1: 11 ()
Position T2: 8 (1:29.799)
Ich hatte im Vergleich zu Lewis mit weniger Benzin an Bord zu kämpfen, er fuhr eine sehr starke Runde. Mit viel Benzin war es verglichen mit dem McLaren, der ebenfalls auf den harten Reifen unterwegs war, definitiv vielversprechender. Als unsere Reifen auf Temperatur waren, zeigten wir eine gute Pace gegenüber Ferrari und verbesserten uns Runde für Runde. Es gab einige positive Anzeichen, aber wir haben definitiv noch Verbesserungsspielraum. Jetzt müssen wir verstehen, warum unsere Rennpace so viel stärker ist als unsere Pace auf einer Runde. Der McLaren ist auf einer Runde sehr stark, aber wir können die Reifen einfach nicht über eine einzelne Runde zum Arbeiten bringen. Im Laufe eines Rennens sind wir in einem ziemlich guten Fenster, aber es ist immer eine Balance, man kann für Sonntag nicht alles auf eine Karte setzen. Es ist eine ganz andere Strecke als Montreal und Baku. Wir wussten, dass das Auto in den Hochgeschwindigkeitskurven eine Herausforderung sein würde, und das hat sich in Copse, Maggotts und Becketts bestätigt. Das Auto hüpfte herum und wir müssen versuchen, das zu verstehen. Aber wir hüpfen nicht auf den Geraden, was positiv ist.
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
Position T1: 2 (1:42.781)
Position T2: 2 (1:29.105)
Heute war ein guter Tag. Im ersten Training konnten wir 10 Runden fahren, was besser war als die meisten anderen, also war ich damit zufrieden. Wir haben immer noch ein bisschen Bouncing, nicht auf den Geraden, sondern in den Kurven, also liegt noch Arbeit vor uns. Es fühlt sich wie ein kleiner Schritt nach vorne an, aber wir müssen weiter arbeiten. Mit diesem Auto kann man die Strecken nicht mehr so fahren wie früher, weil es so steif ist und so wie die Fahrcharakteristiken sich verhalten, aber es macht immer noch Spaß, durch Maggotts, Becketts und auch Stowe zu fahren - das ist mega, das Presse-Information 01. Juli 2022 sind meine Lieblingskurven. Es war schwierig, die Upgrades zu spüren, weil wir von einer so unterschiedlichen Strecke kommen - von den langsamen Kurven in Montreal zu den mittelschnellen und schnellen Kurven hier. Die Strecke ist glatter als zuletzt, was viel besser ist, aber im Allgemeinen ist diese Strecke einfach die beste, sie bereitet immer noch Gänsehaut beim Fahren. Unsere LongRun-Pace ist nicht so gut wie die einiger anderer Jungs, aber sie ist nicht weit davon entfernt. Die Zuschauer geben mir Hoffnung, es ist so schön, sie hier zu sehen, und ich weiß die Unterstützung sehr zu schätzen.
Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin F1 Team)
Position T1: 10 (1:59.168)
Position T2: 12 (1:30.057)
A busy day with mixed weather: some rain just before first practice and the usual windy conditions you expect at Silverstone. All of that limited what we could learn when the track was wet or drying out. We also had some downtime this afternoon with a few small issues that we had to repair during the session. So limited track time, and we have not done all the work we would normally do on a Friday. That is a little frustrating because we have quite a few updates this weekend, so we will try to play catch up tonight and tomorrow morning to be ready for qualifying.
Lance Stroll (Aston Martin F1 Team)
Position T1: 8 (1:51.243)
Position T2: 10 (1:29.942)
I think we completed some solid running today, despite the weather. I got a good feel for the car and my first experience of the upgrades was positive. I think there are some small improvements to make as we optimise things, but we will keep pushing tonight and tomorrow morning to be ready for qualifying. It is the usual stuff - a bit of understeer here, a bit of oversteer there, but we will try and sort it out ready for tomorrow.
Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri)
Position T1: 9 (1:51.373)
Position T2: 16 (1:30.338)
I enjoyed driving the new car here for the first time today, it’s always a challenging circuit with high-speed corners but with the new car it was really exciting – especially through Maggotts and Becketts, you can push even more than last year’s car and you slide around a lot. Overall, it’s been a bit of an unusual day compared to most race weeks, as we had almost no running in FP1 with the rain. I feel like we’ve only really had one session, so it’s a bit weird, but we still managed to complete all the running we needed to this afternoon. We’re currently struggling a lot with the car and we’re quite far away from other teams at the moment. We were always expecting it to be more difficult this weekend, but we’ll need to take a big step to be able to be competitive in Qualifying. It looks like the conditions will be tricky tomorrow, so we need to look at all the data tonight and be able to adapt to whatever the British weather throws at us.
Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)
Position T1: 17 ()
Position T2: 18 (1:30.510)
We damaged some parts of the car quite early on today, which made things even harder for us, but generally we’re just lacking quite a lot of pace. We’re struggling in high-speed corners and unfortunately this is a track that has many of them. Based on these track characteristics, this weekend was always going to be tough, but we’ll work hard tonight and see what we can do to improve. We need to be on top of our game and try to make some steps forward, so that we can be in the best position for Sunday. It’s also maybe raining tomorrow, which wouldn’t be a bad thing for us, we obviously can’t rely on this though, so we’ll work hard tonight to find a bit more performance for Quali.
Sergio Pérez (Red Bull Racing)
Position T1: 12 ()
Position T2: 7 (1:29.753)
It wasn’t a great session today, from the preparation I had on the simulator, the car is miles off that. We suspect the issues are related to the aerodynamics but I can’t go into too much detail until I see the data properly and then we need to understand the problems. Because of that we had a very short long run which impacted running at the end of the session. It’s not a great start to the weekend, we are a bit on the back foot now and we need to look into it in more detail now. It will be difficult to catch up, but we have done it before and as long as we are able to get things in the right place we should be good. You need confidence around these tough corners here, so as long as I can get that back, things should be alright. Ferrari look strong and I hope we can match them tomorrow come qualifying.
Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing)
Position T1: 20 ()
Position T2: 4 (1:29.149)
It’s always a bit tricky when you don’t run a lot in FP1, it means there’s a lot more guess work in FP2. I think we know what we need to work on and we’ll do that overnight. It looks like it’s going to rain during qualifying tomorrow, so there’ll be different conditions compared to our sessions today. I got a few laps in with high fuel on the softest compounds, the tyres wear quickly here with all the high-speed corners, so it’s always going to be quite tricky to manage the tyres on this track. Overall it went okay today and I’m looking forward to qualifying tomorrow.
Alexander Albon (Williams)
Position T1: 15 ()
Position T2: 14 (1:30.263)
We had a limited day with the wet Free Practice 1, so didn’t get as much running as we’d like to with the new aero package. As Free Practice 2 goes, we do need track time and despite having pretty much none of it, we’ve got a car we can drive that is a step forward from the previous car, so it’s positive. We have a bit of fine tuning and changes to make but we have a good base so can start from there and see how we go tomorrow.
Nicholas Latifi (Williams)
Position T1: 19 ()
Position T2: 20 (1:31.326)
The first day at Silverstone wasn’t very eventful, with no running in Free Practice 1 because the conditions were not representative to learning anything, with other teams in the same boat. It meant Free Practice 2 was more important as it might be the only dry running we get before qualifying. We completed our programme with very little issues. It was extremely windy which I think is making it tricky for everybody. We’ve got some good data and direction to go to overnight, so we’ll see what we can do tomorrow.